Next Step

Now that the Pavilion has been enclosed, our NEXT STEP is to install heat and air conditioning. Ask any camper or faculty member who spent time at camp this summer in 80 plus degree temperatures if air conditioning would be nice. I am sure you know what the answer would be: “Yes! Of course it would be nice.” Many of them would say that it is a necessity. But beyond our summer ministry, installing heat and air conditioning will open up a multitude of other ministry opportunities throughout the year during the colder months.

Without heat and bathrooms (due to winterizing), the Pavilion is just not very usable during the winter. We need heat to provide the ability for us to host retreats, reunions, Christmas parties, and other ministry events throughout the year.

Will you help us take this Next Step by donating to this project? Our goal is to collect $40,000 by the end of this year so that we can make use of it this winter, and be ready for another summer of ministry in 2019! Click on the link below to donate. Thank you!