Starting with 33 students in August of 1941 on the family farm of Raymond and Bell Odor, Camp Northward found its beginning. That first year there were no buildings or physical accommodation except an outdoor privy. During the twelve years that our home was that Grant County farm, many improvements were made, including a shelter pavilion, dorms for both girls and boys, a dining hall and restrooms.

A camp publication in 1950 stated: ‘ . . . more than one thousand campers have studied the Words of our Lord beside the waters of Fork Lick . . . more that thirty-six persons confessed their Lord and met Him in baptism . . . at least fifty-two young men and women, serving in special fields of Christian work today, were at one time students at Camp Northward.’

It was in May of 1952 that the announcement arrived of the generous gift of 7.53 acres in Falmouth, KY had been given to Northward by Miss Jessie Oldham. It is said of Miss Oldham that, ‘. . . in giving this land to Camp Northward I am fulfilling a dream of having a place to train young people in the Word of God.’ Plans began to move operations of Camp Northward from its family farm beginnings to it’s new home in Falmouth.

Announcement was made in May of 1953 of official incorporation as Northward Christian Assembly, Inc. That first year on the Falmouth site saw three sessions of camp, Junior, Intermediate and Senior as well as two buildings to accommodate housing and dining facilities. Many improvements continued each year as growth followed.

Plans were made in 1995 to begin a Capital Campaign to develop funds for a much-needed Multipurpose Building. Those plans were detoured as the Historic Flood of 1997 devastated not only Camp Northward, but the entire city of Falmouth. The future of Camp Northward looked dim. However, church groups and individuals from all over Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky came to help. Through much hard work and dedication, Camp Northward opened, as it had become, usual that summer. Praise the Lord! With a new focus and vision of the future, in December of 2000, the camp purchased property on Broadford Road, just south of Falmouth. Our plans are to move our entire camping program to this new property, as time and resources allow. We are excited about the Tree House Village and Hidden Lake that were built in 2004. They already provide a great home for our expanding Wilderness Program of camping. A large picnic shelter was added in the spring of 2005 and has been another fine addition to the Camp Northward legacy.

With the blessings of the past to inspire us, we are excited about a bright future. We look forward to many more years of creating, ‘memories that last a lifetime’.