Maybe what you are missing most this summer is the feeling of the “great outdoors”. Just because there are some restrictions, it doesn’t mean we can’t still get outside and enjoy! Here are some of our favorite camping resources and tutorials for both the seasoned outdoors professional and the newbie.

1. Waffle Cone S’mores – this is a personal favorite! How about instead of just toasting those marshmallows, you try tucking them in a waffle cone with your favorite candy instead?

2. Building the Perfect Campfire – because we should all know how to do this.

3. How to Pitch a Tent – why wait until you’re actually out on the camp site and the pressure’s on? Have the kids practice in the back yard!

4. Recipe: Maple Glazed Trail Mix – delicious.

5. Prevent Mosquito Bites – stay bite-free, all summer long.