Curriculum is comprised of lesson plans, content, assessment and more. Here is some of the best church curriculum we’ve found to share with you all this summer.

Plum Creek Christian Church

Dylan Bjorklund is the Associate & Children’s Minister at Plum Creek Christian Church in Butler, KY. He is providing Plum Creek Kids’ content for the summer on their site.

Dylan Bjorklund: Plum Creek Kids

Johnson University

We often have teams at Camp Northward from Johnson University in Knoxville, TN. A representative from the team that serves our camp, JayCee Shelton, asked that we share the following two resources for your teens/family interested in learning more about this Christ-following higher education experience.

  1. Recruitment Teams: did you know you can request a recruitment team? Now you can! Follow this link to learn more.
  2. #go2ju: Follow Johnson’s social media using the hashtag “go2ju“! If you or a member of your household wonders what it would be like to attend a Christian university, follow this hashtag on Instagram/Twitter for photos, videos, events and more!
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